Benefits Of Using A Golf Rangefinder For Your Game

Golf Rangefinder

Striking your target with an accurate shot is easier and simpler when you use a golf rangefinder. These devices are used in the sport of golf and help the player ascertain the distance of a particular point, like the wooded areas or even obstacles. Stay ahead in your game and read the nikon coolshot 20 review to help you find the right rangefinder. Watch the game live or gather instructions from experts at

Nikon’s latest cool shot 20 is a small instrument and offers several benefits to you. Taking into consideration how far you hit the golf clubs and the mammoth task of determining their total distance, the use of a laser rangefinder has proved to be beneficial to an amateur and a golf champion.

What is a golf rangefinder?
A golf range finder is an instrument that helps you play better and improves your game by providing the right distance measurements to targets. It comes fitted with a laser that zooms and captures the object. Time is calculated for the laser to reflect from the object or obstacle back to the rangefinder.

Practice ground
When you are practising for a match or getting trained by your coach, you can easily find out how far you have hit the golf club. A rangefinder uses technology to display precise information. You will be able to assess the total length that the golf club covered during your subsequent training matches.

Find the distance to a given flag, a landmark or to keep track of your teeing skills.

On the tee
Check the distances to flags, water holes or other obstacles and find out which club is best for you. Modern rangefinders have a special pin-seeker function for determining the distance to the pin. You can check for water or bunkers near the green.

Calculates speed
When you use a rangefinder, you can work on improving your golfing skills. Once you are familiar with the technical details and the process of using the device, you can carry the gadget with you to find ranges and calculate distance. This latest method is smart and easy than the earlier procedure of searching fairways or calculating the distance in your personal yardage handbook.

Better knowledge about the golf course
You can think of a rangefinder as an insider or a spy who would give you information about the golf ground. Without this instrument, you would have to rely on your intuition and experience to strike the best shot on a new practice area. This can lead to several missed shots.

These modern equipment educate you about the yardage measurement near the centre, near the flags or green and other hazards like a sand bunker. These calculations help you choose the right club.

Permitted on tourneys
The USGA states that scores can be displayed during each round if they make use of a rangefinder to measure ranges. These devices are permitted on tournaments as it is difficult for a golfer to measure the distance manually.

User friendly
A golf range finder is extremely easy to use. There is no need for any software downloads or the map of the course.

With its myriad benefits, you can work your way up the game and turn into a novice in the game of golf.