Pencil Skirts For A Perfect Style Statement

skirtWhen you open your wardrobe, I am sure it features your usual staples. Half dozen jeans, a perfect black blazer, a comfy white T-shirt and so on. But have you ever tried an elegant pencil skirt. If not, it is time to try one now. A pencil skirt can flatter your figure. But make sure to choose the right one based on your body shape.

The portals of presents to you a diverse range of pencil skirts to suit your body frame. The pencil skirts that feature a supreme position in the fashion parade are depicted through the portals of Let’s now have a glimpse of a few interesting pencil skirts that is sure to set the fashion stage on fire.

Interesting insights on pencil skirts
The pencil skirts are a versatile choice to avail different looks. The curvy pencil skirt extends your body frame and offers you a slim look. It can be coupled with a blouse as well as a graphic tee. It goes well with a blazer too. It offers a great look with high-heel sandals. The pencil skirts can also be paired with an army jacket and flats to avail that cool look. And to sport that romantic look, pair up pencil skirts with a cropped top and clutch. Make sure to buy a couple or more of pencil skirts to avail these varied looks now.

Pencil skirts to suit different body frame
Pencil skirts are now available to suit each one of your requirements. For women who are petite, make sure to grab a tailor made pencil skirt. The usual pencil skirts that feature in regular length can overwhelm your body frame. Opt for pencil skirts that are specifically designed to meet the needs of a petite frame. To offer an illusion in terms of height, choose a high-waist style pencil skirt with a hemline that just hits above the knees. If you would like to go in for a longer pencil skirt, then couple it up with sky-high heels. To add more details to your height, opt for a stylish slit in your pencil skirt. A single color top paired with a pencil skirt also adds to the height quotient.

If you are narrow built and extremely slim, then don’t worry, a pencil skirt can add more definitions to your body frame too. Choose a pencil skirt that cinches perfectly at your waist. Make sure it hits your belly button and gradually spills towards the hemline. This adds to the illusion of a curvy body. Another significant way to add curves to your body is by choosing a pencil skirt that has elaborate detailing at the hips. The presence of pockets, zippers and rucking broaden the hips and adds details. A printed pencil skirt would also ideally solve the purpose.

For an hourglass body, the pencil skirts are a perfect fit made in sartorial heaven. Any pencil skirt would snug in the middle and flicks through the hips of an hourglass figure. It highlights the tiny waist and emphasizes your groovy curves. Make sure to add a belt to flaunt your figure. It is now time to revamp your wardrobe with our tips on pencil skirts.

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